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- From: Windhoek Observer

AS 2017 draws to a close, State House held its annual review, with the main aim to reflect on the year gone by and to give a glimpse of the road ahead.

The event was to give an honest assessment of the state of affairs of the country by the executive. However, what transpired was nothing new, except for the usual rhetoric that things are fine and everything is working.

If what was said during Wednesday’s televised annual review is anything to go by, then Mr President, 2018 is going to be a year of implementa­tion and results.

It will be a year in which Namibians would realise their hopes and dreams, while social ills such as corruption will be a thing of the past.

After all, you emphasised, Mr President, that it has been and remains a priority area for your government.

If we are to believe the Harambee Prosperity Plan’s progress to date, as presented by the president’s economic adviser, Dr John Steytler, then surely we are on the right path as a country.

Coming from a year in which many things did not go our way as a nation economical­ly, least of all the downgrade to “junk” status, those still clinging to their jobs by a thread hope you will deliver on your promises, including prosperity for all Namibians.

The civil servants that might have been wondering if they would have a job come next year can now celebrate, knowing that you would not allow job losses.

Unfortunat­ely, the same cannot be said for the cabinet ministers who challenged you during the past Swapo Party Elective Conference, as you have left them guessing what you meant when you said 2018 will be a year of “reckoning”.

Let your big heart, not vengeance, be the driving force behind your actions as a leader, as shown by your interventi­on in the closure of the Roads Contractor Company, where 400 workers would have lost their job had it not been for you.

Merry Christmas, Mr President, and we look forward to what you have in store for the nation in 2018.

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