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Christmas defined


WHEN pondering about the Christmas period, the following occurred to me!

Millions of people would be lonely and felt like having been abandoned by proper parental care! To most of those, having the “lion’s share” of a mother figure’s attention is what they would term, life. Yet, the Christmas period was intended to experience another kind of life and care.

A care where a celestial, inner peace could be experience­d, as is recorded in John 1:13, and mental peace that provides true life in a solus mode (Romans 8:6).

Life therefore, according to the above directives, is a state of mind, not a set of instincts.

A paradigm shift, with control over one’s instincts, in order to accomplish the ultimate state of being, which is not possible in the hustle and bustle of the festive activities.

I would therefore like to caution people of the advent to acquire the essence of this festivity of true conceptual epiphany.

May all readers of The Cape Times experience this form of celestial bliss over the Christmas period. Willem Leach Langebaan

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