Cape Times

No to water tax


REGARDING our water crisis, we totally agree with the letter in Friday’s Cape Times by a concerned water user.

COCT is now wanting to tax us for NOT using water.

As was mentioned in this letter; yes our gardens are being destroyed, what a sight residentia­l areas will be looking like in a few months time.

We have been put out of pocket by buying Jojo tanks, which cost thousands of rands and we buy many litres of water from the local water shops every week.

Now on top of all this we are to be taxed – No Way!

In last week’s Saturday Argus, a letter was written from a member of the Freedom Front who said he had asked Aunty Pat last year what was going to be done about the looming water crisis?

She replied: “What planet are you from?”

So no aunty Pat, we will not be paying this water tax. Charlotte France Durbanvill­e

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