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Council cuts water


THE arrogance of the Cape Town City Council requires experience to be believed

Our water was cut off on December 13 without warning.Our accounts are up to date.

My wife nd I are the only people in the house and are careful not to use council water, to the extent of using an outside shower from the borehole, buying potable water, recycled water for toilets and not wasting in the garden etc.

I have spent most of a day following the procedure on the website and reception. I have emailed, SMSed and spent two hours on the phone. No response. In desperatio­n I contacted our ward councillor­s, Felicity Purchase and Simon Liell Cock, for help.

They both told me that we are not on the list of big water users.

Why should we suffer in this way when the problem lies squarely with the council for not taking adequate steps to ensure sufficient water when all the warning signs could be read by anyone with half a brain? Dr JR Cowlin Noordhoek

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