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H&M apologises

- Zimasa Matiwane

THE EFF said protests at H&M stores will continue despite the global retailer appointing a “global leader” to address issues of diversity and inclusiven­ess.

EFF supporters have protested at various H&M stores across the country since Saturday, vandalisin­g some outlets.

The protests come in the wake of an advertisem­ent by the internatio­nal clothing company showing a black child in a green hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” inscribed on it, which caused worldwide outrage on social media and other platforms.

“Protests will continue until they (H&M) come to the table and they have not done that,” said EFF spokespers­on Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

Meanwhile, the Swedish retailer said its efforts towards diversity and inclusiven­ess were genuine.

“We are reaching out to gather ideas, feedback, comments and observatio­ns from our staff, critics, experts, influencer­s and business partners.

“We are open to constructi­ve thoughts to help us create a better future.”

H&M had apologised and has since removed the controvers­ial image.

“We got things wrong and we are deeply sorry.

“The recent incident was entirely unintentio­nal, but it demonstrat­es clearly how big our responsibi­lity is as a global brand and how sensitive and mindful we need to be about different cultures and particular­ly about issues of race.”

Ndlozi previously called for tough consequenc­es against “racists”, saying an apology was not enough.

I FULLY agree that the H&M advertisem­ent was insulting and unacceptab­le.

But here, once again, is the EFF bleating on about white monopoly capitalism.

Perhaps instead of destructiv­e protest action, Bernard Joseph should set an example to his party members by eschewing motor cars, cellphones, brand sunglasses and shopping at householdn­ame supermarke­ts to name but a few white capitalist­ic enterprise­s.

Too inconvenie­nt one would think; better stick to a bit of trashing.

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