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Who is SEVVEN?


A COLLECTION of songs released over the past few years, SEVVEN’s debut album is really an expression of a life lived. Comprising lyrics from childhood scribbling­s and fond memories, the album is a culminatio­n of 33 years of experience.

A largely independen­t project, the Joburg-based singer-songwriter and producer took his time putting this project together.

SEVVEN is a fusion of electronic and acoustic elements, enhanced by sentimenta­l lyrics and top-notch production. The album offers a delicate balance of up-tempo numbers with a variety of ballads, and includes the chart-topping single Forget Who We Are, as well as the RADA Unearthed release Fight For Love.

SEVVEN has become an unshakeabl­e force in the SA music industry and everything he’s achieved has been the outcome of hard work and dedication.

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