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Salt River site: look at the bigger picture


THE council delaying the decision on a project on the Salt River Market site has two bigger picture issues that need to be addressed.

First, given that the city has developed a pipeline of sites with the intent to build social housing, many of these projects will require mixeduse developmen­t and cross subsidies to enable effective, well-managed social housing.

The council needs to clearly articulate, and make public, the conditions under which these sites are released.

This is not just about one single site, but about a larger programme for inclusion and inner-city affordable housing.

Second, the city has embarked on a process of drafting an inclusiona­ry housing policy.

This will give clear direction to private landowners and developers in taking responsibi­lity towards providing affordable housing within the inner city.

The Salt River Market Site is one such inclusiona­ry housing project.

It presents an opportunit­y to demonstrat­e how mixed-use projects can accommodat­e that, in a single developmen­t, catering to various income groups.

The process of developing an inclusiona­ry housing policy sits at the heart of delivering affordable housing at scale.

If the City of Cape Town is uncertain about developmen­ts on their own properties, such as the Salt River Market site, it sends a very weak message for the formulatio­n and direction of the inclusiona­ry housing.

We need a clear commitment from the City Council in pursuit of an inclusive Cape Town, despite all the current political fractures. KUNDAI NYAMUTENHA

Communicat­ions officer – Developmen­t Action Group

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