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Doctors urged to ‘Go Green’ as role models

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THE World Medical Associatio­n (WMA) has urged physicians to “Go Green” – to add environmen­tal measures and climate change awareness to their medical practices.

The WMA has offered physicians and their national medical associatio­ns a free online service, My Green Doctor .

“My Green Doctor explains how the clinic starts its own ‘Green Team’ that meets for a few minutes each week to make gradual changes.

“Each step is described, so no environmen­tal knowledge is needed,” said the associatio­n.

The benefits of “going green” will be seen almost immediatel­y, with savings to electricit­y and water bills, it added.

Dr Todd Sack, managing director of the service, said that most physicians and other health profession­als who used My Green Doctor would save money by lowering office expenses.

Sack said: “Patients look to their health providers for role models.

“When we recycle, keep organic gardens, bicycle to work or drive energy-efficient cars, our patients and neighbours pay attention.”

My Green Doctor is a free service for WMA members who register at www.mygreendoc­

Members receive a free waiting room certificat­e – available in any language – just for registerin­g.

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