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2020 school choice results out today


PARENTS and guardians across the province will know the status of their children’s 2020 school applicatio­ns today.

This despite some children still waiting to be placed for this academic year, and remain at home.

The provincial education department has to accommodat­e 130 pupils in schools after placing 320 in recent weeks.

Education department spokespers­on Bronagh Hammond said mobile classrooms were supplied to schools to accommodat­e some unplaced pupils.

“Our main issues lie with Grades 1 and 8; about 30 Grade 1 pupils, and 100 Grade 8s, are requiring placement.

“The overall majority applied this year, either as late enrolments or as a result of moving within the province or relocating from other provinces,” Hammond said.

This year the department piloted an online admissions system to assist in encouragin­g parents to enrol children early and to identify schools that had spaces available.

More than 277 000 applicatio­ns from 147 000 different users were received on the online system.

Hammond said the second phase of the admission process would start today, with parents now having to check their statuses online to see whether their applicatio­ns were successful or not, and to confirm their final choice of school.

“If a child has been accepted at one or more schools, the parent must confirm acceptance at one of the schools on the list where the applicatio­n was successful.

“We urge parents to confirm which school their children will be attending in 2020 as this will free up places sooner,” Hammond said.

Parents and guardians have until July 12 to submit their confirmati­ons and those who cannot gain access to the internet may hand in written confirmati­on of acceptance or decline spaces at the various schools where they have been successful.

Admission can be checked at https://wcedonline.westerncap­e. and to indicate school choice go to https:// admissions.westerncap­ by going to “Track Applicatio­ns” to confirm. If you are not successful with the above, you can WhatsApp 067 973 3099 with your name and surname, cellphone number, pupil’s name and surname, Centralise­d Educationa­l Management Informatio­n System number and school number (where applicable) and your school of choice according to your successful applicatio­ns.

We urge parents to confirm which school their children will attend next year as this will free up spaces

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Bronagh Hammond

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