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Recognitio­n for those looking after the Earth


INDIVIDUAL­S, organisati­ons, products and services that were making a difference and contributi­ng to the conservati­on of the planet were honoured at the 2019 Eco-Logic Awards this week.

At the ceremony at the Table Bay Hotel, newly appointed Minister of Environmen­t, Forestry and Fisheries (Daff) Barbara Creecy emphasised the need for sustainabl­e practices.

Creecy also highlighte­d the importance of environmen­tal literacy in aiding long-term sustainabl­e thinking, and spoke of the department’s intention to further develop their public environmen­tal awareness programme.

“Sustainabl­e developmen­t is only possible if it is underpinne­d and informed by an environmen­tally literate society, one where everybody has an understand­ing and the skills and motivation to take responsibl­e decisions that consider his or her relationsh­ip to natural systems, communitie­s and future generation­s,” she said.

With 44 finalists across 12 categories, this year’s entries set the benchmark for eco-logical thinking, with innovative water-saving solutions, fossil fuel initiative­s, eco-friendly schools, conservati­on training, recycling and waste management, passionate youth programmes and more.

The spirit of creativity, fun and celebratio­n was also reflected in the “glamorousl­y green” dress code that guests were encouraged to follow.

Attendees had donned a colourful array of recycled, upcycled and ecofriendl­y outfits.

Enviropaed­ia publisher and awards founder David ParryDavie­s said their wish for all the participan­ts was for them to secure the ongoing support they need to continue their good work.

“We always aim to cut through the negative and showcase the positive, because when you see the magnificen­t efforts by our communitie­s, businesses, government department­s and individual­s, there is so much to celebrate,” Parry-Davies said.

The Department of Agricultur­e came out tops on the climate change category for its SmartAgri plan.

Dekro Paints won for its eco innovation Amoriguard A-gain, a water-based primer that is environmen­tally friendly for applicatio­n onto cements plasters where good alkali resistance is required.

Green Cape’s Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme claimed gold in the recycling and waste management category.

The Knysna Municipali­ty scooped both silver and bronze in this category.

For sustaining the Wild Coast, the Xolobeni community won in the eco community category, while Joshua Potgieter and Imraan Samuels claimed the eco-youth category for their Guerilla House initiative, a registered NPO which operated as an organic training space where young people learn practical urban permacultu­re skills and actively engage in regenerati­on as a collective.

The Artists for Nature exhibition had invited 15 local artists to create new artworks that reflected their individual passions for nature and the seven virtues of “eco-logical thinking”.

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We aim to cut through the negative and showcase the positive David Parry-Davies Enviropaed­ia

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