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Tips for preventing and treating chapped lips during winter

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THE appearance of chapped lips usually starts during the cold winter season. Lips may appear cracked, dry and sore. Cold weather isn't the only cause for dry, chapped lips. Licking or biting your lips, sunburn, an undiagnose­d allergy or dehydratio­n are all potential causes. Some tips from board-certified dermatolog­ists at the American Academy of Dermatolog­y to help:

Choose non-irritating lip products

Look for lip balms, lipsticks or lip products that contain castor seed oil, ceramides, dimethicon­e or mineral oil. Make sure your product is fragrance-free or hypoallerg­enic. Avoid ingredient­s like camphor, menthol and eucalyptus as these can be irritating.

Apply your lip balm throughout the day

If your lips are very dry and cracked apply a thick ointment like petroleum jelly.

Protect your lips outdoors

Apply a lip balm with SPF30 or higher. Look for one with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Re-apply every two hours.

Keep your skin hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Don't lick, bite, or pick at your lips. If your dry, chapped lips don't heal, consult a dermatolog­ist.

 ?? | Ron Lach/ Pexels ?? Tips for preventing and treating dry chapped lips.
| Ron Lach/ Pexels Tips for preventing and treating dry chapped lips.

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