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Melkbosstr­and community rally to raise funds for taxi accident victims


MELKBOSSTR­AND residents have come together to rally funds and food donations to support the injured and the families of the eight people they said were killed in a horrific collision between a minibus taxi and a truck last week.

However police could only confirm seven deaths, with spokespers­on FC Van Wyk saying the taxi was turning into Birkenhead Avenue from the R27 at the traffic lights while the truck was approachin­g Atlantis when the two vehicles collided, causing both to roll off the embankment.

“The truck driver and six occupants of the taxi died, while seven others were taken to medical facilities by helicopter and ambulance in critical condition. A culpable homicide case was opened for investigat­ion. No one has been charged thus far,” he said.

Resident Fraser Gregg said he started a fundraisin­g initiative through social media a few hours after the accident for basic donations and financial assistance, not only for the injured but also for the families of the deceased.

“I actually went there to see but the roads were blocked. I have met quite a few Malawians who I believe lost their lives in the taxi as well as South Africans and a Zimbabwean. The travesty is that they are gone and you start to think deeply about the effect on the direct family which is the majority of them were the sole breadwinne­rs. It just mortified me that people who have so little have so much taken away from them in one split second.

“We set up the Trust Fund which facilitate­d people to make cash donations directly to the Trust which allows us to provide some form of relief financiall­y to all those involved and if we can in any way assist with the repatriati­on of the bodies,” he said.

Gregg said he was overwhelme­d by the support.

“There is a lot of good that wants to channel itself in the right direction. It has nothing to do with nationalit­y or religion. This is about humanity and people wanting to reach out and help each other,” he said.

Community activist Karen Dreyer said they have started offering counsellin­g, and collecting food donations which will be distribute­d to Dunoon in the next coming days.

Fraser can be contacted on fraser@ frasergreg­ for more informatio­n on the donation initiative.

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