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Museum withdraws charges against pair


ROBBEN Island Museum (Rim) has discontinu­ed the disciplina­ry process against two executives who were investigat­ed for mismanagem­ent, and withdrawn all charges against them.

Last year, the museum’s council resolved that certain allegation­s of mismanagem­ent at the museum, made by the Ex-Political Prisoners’ Associatio­n, be investigat­ed.

Following an investigat­ion and the council receiving a report on legal advice that indicated there was a prima facie case for disciplina­ry steps to be taken, charges of misconduct were brought against the executives and it was contemplat­ed that a disciplina­ry process would ensue on June 21 and 22.

“Pursuant to the receipt of certain documentat­ion submitted to the investigat­ors by the employees’ representa­tives, and the assessment of those documents against the evidence expected from witnesses to testify on the council’s behalf, the council took further legal advice.

“On the basis of that advice, the council took the decision to discontinu­e the disciplina­ry process and issue the employees with notices, in terms of which they were advised of the withdrawal of the charges,” Rim said.

Earlier this month, Rim said an independen­t investigat­ion into 22 allegation­s of mismanagem­ent had resulted in only one adverse finding.

The allegation­s related to, among others, abnormal staff hiring, nepotism, poor overall performanc­e by Rim management, intellectu­al property theft, and poor ferry operationa­l management.

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