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Harsh, dangerous reality of climate change


be unperturbe­d by the colourful character with big white eyes in the next seat.

It was not immediatel­y clear why Spider-Man had dropped in.

STOCKHOLM: A draft UN report on a warming planet allows the world to “face the reality” of climate change, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 18, said yesterday.

While the draft from the Intergover­nmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that the “situation is very dire” and there is a “need to act right now”, Thunberg said it also made her hopeful since it “could wake people up”.

The report, seen exclusivel­y by AFP, projects how species extinction, more widespread disease, unliveable heat, ecosystem collapse, cities menaced by rising seas and other devastatin­g climate impacts are accelerati­ng. It says the impacts are bound to become painfully obvious before a child born today turns 30.

Many thresholds are closer than thought and dire consequenc­es stemming from decades of unbridled carbon pollution are unavoidabl­e in the short term. “We cannot face this crisis unless we tell it like it is, unless we are adult enough to tell the truth and to face reality,” Thunberg said.

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