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Inoculatin­g against pneumonia can save lives

- DR DEKS DEKENAH | Claremont

IT IS SO sad, even heartbreak­ing to know, that so many people’s lives can be saved and the burden on the hospitals with this Covid-19 third wave can be lessened by a cheap treatment if someone in the health department or the government will just have the guts to do it.

I cringe to think I am sharing this beautiful country with so many ignorant people in power. I have been helping many, many patients with the use of this miracle, lifesaving treatment regime and have not lost a single patient to Covid, even keeping them out of hospitals, and the government can do the same for all our citizens who have not been vaccinated yet.

I personally have always used this treatment myself whenever I went on a flight in the ’80s and ’90s many years before Covid to prevent a cold, flu and many other viral infections, which can be picked up so readily on flights. I’ve been keeping it in my medicine cabinet for many years and no one in my family of four has ever had a cold, flu or pneumonia.

It is the safest treatment by far of all treatments available and the founder got the Nobel prize in 1995 for the greatest contributi­on to the health of humankind and has saved millions of people over the past 40 years from terrible diseases, especially in Africa.

It has been prescribed to over 6.5billion people over the past 40 years without any major side effects.

I’ve seen many patients who were on their deathbeds battling Covid who have made miraculous recoveries once this treatment has been administer­ed.

In Mexico only one of their 32 states had the balls to use this treatment and a six-month graph shows they were the only state in Mexico without a single Covid death. Makes one think, doesn’t it, that many countries including us in South Africa refuse or neglect to use this treatment modality to keep hospital beds empty and reduce the suffering of many citizens.

Even planning draconian lockdowns which have caused so many people to live below the poverty line. We can get rid of lockdowns, hospitalis­ation of people, save lives etc., but for some obscure reason we do not want to apply this treatment modality.

The second largest killer of older people after heart diseases is pneumonia. This can all be prevented by making it compulsory that all citizens over the age of 50 should be inoculated with a lifelong once off protection against 23 pneumococc­i. Most patients I have spoken to (90%) did not know that one can be inoculated against pneumonia. Many Covid patients also develop pneumonia and die because of the latter – just think about how many extra lives could have been saved just following logical medical protocol. I despair.

I challenge all South African doctors and healthcare workers to stand up and fight for your patient’s well-being. We have the knowledge and the know how and most of us know about this life saving protocol – so fight for the implementa­tion of this treatment and join the world in our fight in this pandemic.

Most people’s lives will be saved if the government can be convinced to roll out this treatment regime. Stop keeping it a secret from the man in the street and celebrate the fact that you can save his/her life.

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