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Tony Park delivers the thrills again


TONY Park is undoubtedl­y one of the masters of crime stories set in southern African with more than 18 thrillers behind him. He’s on top of his game again in his latest book, set (where else?!) but a game park in South Africa. Here things are not looking good when a wily poacher disappears.

The scene is set when viewers the world over are shocked at a live webcast of a safari game drive, exposing them to the brutal reality of rhino poaching. With the poacher vanishing into thin air, ace trackers Mia Greenaway and Bongani Ngobeni are confounded.

Enter Detective Colonel Sannie van Rensburg, who is still recovering not only from a personal tragedy, but also after having to tackle an outraged community on the border of the Kruger National Park. There two girls have been abducted and the locals fear it may be for umuti (sinister traditiona­l medicine practices). Poachers pay healers for potions they think will make them invisible and bulletproo­f.

Then another young girl disappears. This time it’s a tourist. Both Mia and Sannie must work together and need to confront personal demons in taking on the massive challenge of finding the missing individual­s. The trail seems highly elusive.

Will they catch up with it?


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