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Celebratin­g the Rainbow Nation

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SEPTEMBER is Heritage Month in South Africa, with National Heritage Day celebrated on September 24.

Each year in early spring, people across the nation get together to eat, drink and be merry, celebratin­g what makes us all uniquely South African.

Heritage Day was declared a public holiday in 1996 and, since then, the 24th of September has been a day that encourages us to celebrate our cultural traditions, communitie­s and heritage.

In its essence, the day embraces and celebrates the true meaning of why we call ourselves the Rainbow

Nation. South Africans mark the day by wearing traditiona­l outfits, eating traditiona­l foods, learning about different cultures and spending time with friends and family.

September 24 marks “Shaka Day”

or “Shaka’s Day”, a day that commemorat­es the legendary King Shaka Zulu.

Shaka Zulu played an important role in uniting different Zulu clans into one cohesive Zulu nation in KwaZulu Natal. Each year, thousands of people gather at King Shaka’s grave to pay tribute to him and to honour his memory.

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