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Cop’s intuition leads to rescue


A KENYAN aircraft engineer for the country’s police airwing followed her intuition that resulted in the rescue of two girls who were abducted, authoritie­s said.

Aircraft engineer for the National Police Service Airwing, chief inspector (CI) Justine Ouya, stopped and interrogat­ed 31-year-old Jackson Mutinda while he was walking with a 3-year-old and 4-year-old girl along Langata road, according to Kenya’s Directorat­e of Criminal Investigat­ions (DCI).

It has not been determined where Mutinda was taking the two girls.

Langata road in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, runs past Wilson Airport and The Nairobi West Hospital.

“After observing him and the little girls briefly, her intuition as a police officer coupled by her motherly instincts made her suspicious. She immediatel­y stopped the man and interrogat­ed him,” DCI Kenya writes.

CI Ouya restrained Mutinda after discoverin­g he was not the two girls’ father as he originally said, and called for police officers from Wilson Airport.

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