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Mafias could target funds


THE Italian Mafia groups have the levers to tap into the funding that the country receives from the EU’s Covid-19 recovery fund, Italy’s Anti-Mafia Investigat­ion Directorat­e (DIA) said in a report.

“Possessing an entreprene­urial ability, the Mafia can turn their attention toward public funds soon, thanks to government initiative­s to provide timely economic support to the categories most affected by restrictio­ns,” the report read.

In the second half of 2020, organised crime continued to target the country’s social and economic structures, which, according to the report, is a strategy that allows the Mafia to get a hold of companies in dire state and “seize public resources dedicated to the health care.”

“Such a situation requires a continuati­on in the fight against organised crime with aggressive behaviour,” the investigat­ors said.

On July 17, the DIA issued a separate report that stressed that the pandemic may have open ways of rapid enrichment for the Italian mafia groups.

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