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Black and proud: Milan’s Maignan speaks out


AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan on Tuesday blasted those who racially abused him before his team’s 1-1 draw at Juventus at the weekend and the football authoritie­s’ attempts at tackling the problem, saying that he was “black and proud”.

Juventus confirmed to AFP that they had launched an investigat­ion into the abuse, caught on a video which spread quickly on social media.

It showed an off-camera fan launch a stream of racist insults at the France internatio­nal while he warmed up ahead of Sunday’s match at Juve’s Allianz Stadium.

In an Instagram post, the 26-yearold Maignan said that “as long as these events are treated as ‘isolated incidents’ and no comprehens­ive action is taken, history is bound to repeat itself over and over and over again.

“Do the people who make decisions know what it feels like to hear insults and chants reducing us to animals? Do they know what it does to our families, to our loved ones who see it and who do not understand why it’s still happening in 2021?

“I am not a ‘victim’ of racism. I’m Mike, upright, black and proud.”

A Juve spokespers­on told AFP that

they were working to identify the person who insulted Maignan.

Italian media report that the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is also considerin­g opening its own investigat­ion into the incident.

This is the second incident of racism in a Serie A stadium since football grounds were re-opened to the public at 50% capacity at the start of this season.

Last Friday the FIGC opened an investigat­ion into alleged racist chants by Lazio fans towards Milan midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko earlier this month.

 ?? ?? Mike Maignan | AP
Mike Maignan | AP

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