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Young Kuils River sensation ready to wow the world


SAYDE Fillis had everyone starstruck when he went viral for his Easy On Me by Adele video on Facebook. What was a normal school assembly turned him into an overnight singing sensation.

“I am shocked because I did not expect a video of me singing would attract so much attention,” he said.

The 12-year-old from Irista Primary School in Sarepta, Kuils River, is no stranger to singing in front of his peers as he made his debut performanc­e in Grade R at his graduation and has sung regularly at the school assembly since.

“I love music and being on stage. I don't have a favourite genre but I draw inspiratio­n from musicians such as Adele, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. I have learnt a lot about performing in front of any crowd and not being nervous by mostly focusing on my stage presence while singing and rapping.”

His proud father, Andrew Fillis, said his son was in a competitio­n for a record deal with Starstruck Records to help him further his music career.

So far he is the lead in the competitio­n, which sees him perform at Nikita's in Bellville, and Sayde will play every second week until April 2022.

“We are working on his music and we want to make it a career. He will go very far,” Andrew said.

Karin van Schalkwyk, a teacher at Irista Primary School, said she noticed Sayde's talent in Grade R when he asked her to listen to his rap piece.

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