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AS THE cost of living continues to rise and financial pressures mount, many cash-strapped workers are eyeing their pension funds as a potential lifeline.

With legislativ­e changes on the horizon, workers are now one step closer to being able to dip into their retirement savings through the proposed two-pot system. While this may offer the promise of financial breathing room, it is crucial that individual­s exercise caution and consider the longterm consequenc­es before making any hasty decisions.

The passing of the Pensions Amendment Bill by Parliament last week heralds a new era in pension accessibil­ity. The two-pot system, once enacted into law, will grant workers the ability to access a portion of their pension funds to alleviate immediate financial burdens.

This system, if used responsibl­y, has the potential to help individual­s climb out of debt and contribute to economic growth through increased consumer spending. However, it is essential to consider the impact on one’s retirement savings and financial security in the long run. Dipping into pension funds should be viewed as a last resort, with careful considerat­ion given to alternativ­e solutions such as budgeting, seeking financial advice, or exploring additional sources of income. It is crucial that individual­s who choose to access their pension funds do so with a clear plan in mind.

Rather than using the money for immediate gratificat­ion or short-term fixes, funds should be utilised strategica­lly to address debt, invest in education or training, or start a business.

The government must also play a role in ensuring that funds accessed through the two-pot system are utilised effectivel­y. Implementi­ng measures to monitor and guide the use of these funds can help prevent individual­s from becoming a burden on the state in their senior years.

By promoting responsibl­e financial behaviour and supporting initiative­s that lead to long-term financial stability, the government can help ensure that workers make the most of this opportunit­y without jeopardisi­ng their future well-being.

By using these funds strategica­lly, seeking financial guidance, and planning for the future, individual­s can navigate financial challenges with greater resilience and ensure a more secure retirement down the road.

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