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6 tips for the messy cook


COOKING tips can be found everywhere. From the ingredient­s to the dishes to the types of pots and pans used. But, what about tips on how not to make a huge mess in the kitchen?

We believe that mealtimes can always be enjoyable experience­s with proper planning.

Here are our top tips to keep things easy.

Start with a clean kitchen

If the kitchen's already a mess, chances are you will not feel like keeping it clean as you cook. Instead, start with a clean kitchen so that your space is organised and ready to go.

Get into the habit of leaving the kitchen clean and you will be inspired to keep it clean as you are cooking.

Invest in kitchen tools

Use drawer dividers, shelf organisers, and containers to keep your kitchen supplies and ingredient­s well-organised.

This will make it easier to find things and prevent clutter. When your kitchen items have places where they fit nicely, you are more likely to continue using those spaces.

Prep and measure everything beforehand


Before you start, read the recipe and lay everything out. See which ingredient­s get added at the same time and put those in the same container. Line everything up in the order they are added.

It is useful to use little bowls for spices and herbs, but if you do not have small bowls, use mugs, or wine glasses or any small container.

Once you are done prepping and measuring, put all the spices you have used back where they came from, and as you add everything to the main dish toss the other containers into the sink

for washing. Clean as you go

Every pro knows that the key to an efficient workstatio­n is to clean as you go. There is nothing worse than a full

sink that needs to be addressed after dinner is done and you are a glass of wine or two deep.

Soak the pot that had the tomato sauce in it while the pasta water boils, wash the cheese grater while you blend the sauce, and rinse all the other bowls as soon as you are done using them.

Follow recipes closely

When trying out new recipes, follow the steps closely to avoid mistakes and mishaps. Rushing or improvisin­g can lead to stress and messy outcomes. It is important to read the entire recipe and gather all the ingredient­s, even if it is a recipe you already know.

It can be hard to bounce back from realising you won't get to taste that homemade bread you were planning because you did not read to the end.

Opt for one-pot recipes

If you have limited time to clean up, choose a one-pot, one-bowl, or slow cooker recipe. By keeping the number of cooking tools to a minimum you can ensure there will be less to clean up at the end.

 ?? | Pexels/Mali Maeder ?? BEFORE you start, read the recipe and lay everything out.
| Pexels/Mali Maeder BEFORE you start, read the recipe and lay everything out.

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