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My wife re­cently ac­quired a Honda Brio au­to­matic and I was cu­ri­ous about its per­for­mance stats, so I turned to the March 2018 is­sue of CAR mag­a­zine to look them up. I was some­what sur­prised to see the top speed is given as 140 km/h. Cross-check­ing against the Volk­swa­gen Polo Vivo and Ford Figo – both in the same ball­park price-wise – I found that the power-to-mass ra­tios are sim­i­lar to the Brio’s, but the top speeds are listed as be­ing in the 170s. This is ei­ther

very strange or a print­ing er­ror that has gone unchecked for a long while. What is the po­si­tion?

Other­wise, CAR is a good read, es­pe­cially the non-test stuff. I nd your tests rather point­less since most test cars are rich men’s toys and who cares if an ABC can out ac­cel­er­ate an XYZ by a 100th of a sec­ond?

When I was a kid, Fords, Chevs and Chryslers were pit­ted against each other at the lo­cal show­grounds, or hitched to each other by chain to see which could tow away the other. The days when car com­par­isons and brand loy­alty led to sticuffs are long gone. GERT CLOETE Via email [The Brio has a fac­tory- tted speed lim­iter and the of cial rea­son for this is one of safety. “Some smaller econ­omy ve­hi­cles fea­ture the speed-lim­iter func­tion,” says Honda SA, “be­cause of the sta­bil­ity of the ve­hi­cle at higher speeds and other safety con­cerns in­clud­ing but not lim­ited to short crum­ple zones, and to safe­guard the en­gine from the pro­longed over-revving re­quired to pro­duce the power to achieve higher speeds.”

Re­gard­ing brand loy­alty: take a look at the de­bates that rage across our so­cial me­dia pages, Gert; brand loy­alty is very much alive and kick­ing (and shout­ing) – ed­i­tor.]

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