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Mo­tor­cy­clists know how dan­ger­ous it is to un­ex­pect­edly en­counter a sud­den change in road sur­face, such as an oil slick or wet painted line, dur­ing a ride (and es­pe­cially when cor­ner­ing). The bike can slide, lead­ing to an ac­ci­dent. To counter that, Bosch is work­ing on jet-thrust tech­nol­ogy that re­sem­bles some­thing out of a sci­ence-fic­tion movie. How does it work? Well, when the Bosch in­er­tial sys­tem de­tects a slide, it trig­gers a gas can­is­ter – sim­i­lar to the in­fla­tors found in an airbag as­sem­bly – to re­lease gas into a tank which can vent the jet to the de­sired di­rec­tion, pro­vid­ing a force vec­tor to keep the bike up­right at the crit­i­cal mo­ment. Although the idea sounds far-fetched, it has al­ready been suc­cess­fully tested on an ac­tual mo­tor­cy­cle (with out­rig­gers for safety, ad­mit­tedly).

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