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I cur­rently have a dig­i­tal sub­scrip­tion to CAR mag­a­zine. I look for­ward to read­ing it and usu­ally do so the day I re­ceive it. The rest of the month, I keep go­ing over the ar­ti­cles, re­views and tech­ni­cal info while en­joy­ing a cup of tea.

How­ever, I think you can­not beat a good old printed copy. Usu­ally when the nances al­low it, I sub­scribe to the printed ver­sion. There is just some­thing about hav­ing the mag­a­zine in your hands. You can take your time with it and not worry about your bat­tery on the mo­bile de­vice go­ing at.

So, on my trip to the shop, I went to pick up a copy to browse through it. To my dis­ap­point­ment, the mag­a­zines were sealed and, an even big­ger dis­ap­point­ment, they were be­ing sold with free trump cards: “Icons of Mo­tor­sport” and “Hot Hatches”. If only I had a printed sub­scrip­tion in­stead of the dig­i­tal. I could buy the mag­a­zine, but then I would get into trou­ble with the boss. DEES PIL­LAY New­lands West

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