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We all know we should slow down and in­crease fol­low­ing dis­tances when it rains. Nev­er­the­less, many mo­torists choose to tail­gate and speed when roads are wet. Con­ti­nen­tal, in an at­tempt to drive the mes­sage home, has con­ducted brake test­ing in wet and dry con­di­tions on a mod­ern ve­hi­cle tted with ABS and the lat­est new tyres from the rm. Sim­i­lar to CAR’S road test pro­gramme, Con­ti­nen­tal as­sessed how quickly the car could stop from 100 km/h. The 36-me­tre dis­tance in the dry ties up with our best re­sults. The wet re­sult, how­ever, showed the dis­tance in­crease by 12 me­tres to 48 ow­ing to the lower fric­tion co­ef­fi­cient on wet tar and some aqua­plan­ing. Shock­ingly, the car was still trav­el­ling at 50 km/h at the 36-me­tre mark.

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