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The Chevro­let Corvette, like most Amer­i­can sportscars, is not known for its han­dling ca­pa­bil­ity. That may soon change, though, judging by the three ac­tive-aero­dy­namic patents re­cently lodged by Gen­eral Mo­tors. The rst re­lates to aero chan­nels used on the roof section or un­der the car to dis­trib­ute air round the body on the move. The sec­ond patent is linked to side skirts which can lower and raise to al­ter the air­flow un­der the car and cre­ate in­creased down­force for track use where ground clear­ance is not an is­sue. Lastly, an ac­tive spoiler patent was in­cluded. We’ve seen these be­fore, but this time, the spoiler is able to move lon­gi­tu­di­nally along the car’s axis to ne-tune the aero­dy­namic bal­ance.

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