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The ex­haust valve opens and the re­main­ing com­bus­tion en­ergy (heat and pres­sure) is re­leased down the ex­haust ports. The ex­pelled ex­haust gas is forced through the tur­bine side of the turbocharger har­ness­ing some of the en­ergy by spin­ning the turbo shaft con­nected to the com­pres­sor side. The com­pres­sor re­ceives fresh at­mo­spheric air from the air-in­take sys­tem and raises the pres­sure to above at­mo­spheric in the in­take man­i­fold. The in­ter­cooler stage in­creases the ef­fi­ciency by cool­ing the fresh-air charge af­ter the com­pres­sor stage (re­sult­ing in denser air) be­fore it reaches the in­take man­i­fold. The en­gine breathes air at the in­take valve at a higher pres­sure than at­mo­spheric, which re­sults in more oxy­gen filling the com­bus­tion cham­bers than in a nat­u­rally as­pi­rated en­gine of sim­i­lar ca­pac­ity.

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