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The mis­con­cep­tion is the metal rings (in­for­mally re­ferred to as “turbo seals”) are worn, which is true only in rare cases. The more likely cause is an im­bal­ance in the com­pres­sor-tur­bine, lead­ing to gas pres­sure forc­ing oil to the low-pres­sure side. In­take, boost or even ex­haust leaks are com­mon causes.

The other main cul­prit is the oil-re­turn line run­ning back to the en­gine crank case un­der grav­ity. If this line is blocked, oil has nowhere to go and is forced past the metal ring seals. Causes can be a kink in the line; too high oil level in the en­gine; or ex­ces­sive blow-by gases in the crank case (or blocked pos­i­tive­pres­sure crank­case ven­ti­la­tion valve).

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