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Back in the day, dieselpow­ered Mercedes-ben­zes were favourites of farm­ers be­cause they did not pay duty on the farm diesel they used for their trac­tors and trucks (and, there­fore, their Ben­zes, too). That’s why, in the early 1960s, wait­ing lists were long… Think­ing of the Solex/zenith/ Stromberg car­bu­re­tion as men­tioned in the ar­ti­cle, the W123 Mercedes-benz 200 used a Stromberg, a con­stant-de­pres­sion de­sign like the SU. Other de­scrip­tions for con­stant de­pres­sion are “con­stant vac­uum” and “con­stant ve­loc­ity”, mean­ing the de­sign aims to keep the air ve­loc­ity through the car­bu­ret­tor con­stant. We also no­ticed the 190C test unit of 1963 had a white steer­ing wheel, while later cars fea­tured black wheels (with the ex­cep­tion of the six-cylin­der mod­els, which re­tained white). VW sim­i­larly changed the colour pal­ette from white to black on the Bee­tle in the early 1960s. Sadly, in a re­cent move to new of ces, our own test pho­tos of the “Fin­tail” went miss­ing from our ar­chive so we had to re­sort to us­ing th­ese her­itage im­ages from Daim­ler’s col­lec­tion. De­picted top right is a W110 un­der­go­ing prelaunch test­ing.

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