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Hav­ing in­spected CAR Guide through­out 2018 and eval­u­ated it in terms of the num­ber of ve­hi­cle de­riv­a­tives shown as tested by CAR in re­la­tion to the tested ve­hi­cles’ prices, I found these re­sults quite il­lu­mi­nat­ing: I, un­for­tu­nately, don’t have ac­cess to suf ciently de­tailed sales stats to com­pare with the above, but there is clearly a strong bias to­wards ex­pen­sive ve­hi­cles. Just com­pare the 17,2% of ve­hi­cles tested by CAR cost­ing less than R300 000 with the 39,4% cost­ing be­tween R500 001 and R1 mil­lion, and the stag­ger­ing 20,8% of ve­hi­cles tested cost­ing in ex­cess of a mil­lion.

CAR has al­ways been a use­ful ref­er­ence for the per­son in the street when it comes to de­cid­ing your next car and the road tests play an ex­tremely im­por­tant role in this re­gard.

I must ac­cept it’s be­cause it’s more fun test­ing an ex­pen­sive ve­hi­cle than a hum­ble set of wheels but surely the bal­ance is skewed?

This let­ter is sent with the very best in­ten­tions by a long­stand­ing and avid reader of CAR.

ROB BOYD Via email

[In­ter­est­ing re­search, Rob. While we aim to test a rep­re­sen­ta­tive spread of ve­hi­cles, we’re of­ten guided by what’s be­ing launched into the new-car mar­ket. The rea­son the bulk of ve­hi­cles we test cost be­tween R500 001 and R1 mil­lion is sim­ply be­cause that’s where the most ac­tiv­ity is, most no­tably by the Ger­man man­u­fac­tur­ers that in­tro­duce more new ve­hi­cles than other brands – ed­i­tor.]

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