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I re­cently had to load a fridge/ freezer, gas stove and a 13 kg top-loader wash­ing ma­chine onto the back of the Mahindra and all these bulky items tted in one go. Apart from the gas stove, these then had to be trans­ported to the farm which is more than two hours from Cape Town. Be­cause I had to load 500 kg of horse feed as well, I de­cided to add the old Ven­ter trailer to help out.

When tow­ing a trailer (a car­a­van is a whole dif­fer­ent story), I drive quite a bit slower so as not to push up the fuel con­sump­tion too much and, im­pres­sively, the load had very lit­tle im­pact on the Pik Up’s drink­ing habits. At 8,80 L/100 km, its fuel us­age is im­pres­sive.

As if this was not enough for one day, we also added some wood and steel win­dows, and moved them to stor­age for use later when a house is built at the farm. I am grate­ful Mahindra SA coated the load bay with a polyurethane lin­ing as there is not a scratch or blem­ish even with the many bulky items I have trans­ported. It’s also worth get­ting this op­tion to main­tain the good looks of your bakkie.

There are many tie-down xtures in the large load bay but all are lo­cated high up to the sides. If there were a few on the oor of the bay, this would al­low the easy se­cur­ing of smaller goods with straps.

The Pik Up (and the trailer) then had a break for a week or two while my back re­cov­ered from all the load­ing. It was soon busi­ness as usual, how­ever, when I trans­ported a set of heavy, deep-cy­cle bat­ter­ies, a task which proved no chal­lenge for the de­pend­able Pik Up.

Then came a re­quest to col­lect a dozen hay bales from a lo­cal farm. Again, the large and deep load bay took the bulk well and we pro­ceeded to of oad into the stor­age con­tainer while try­ing to keep the horses from tuck­ing in for a free meal. They were al­lowed to de­vour the “crumbs”, how­ever.

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