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In your leading Top 12 presentati­on, specifical­ly the Small Suv/crossover category, your award went to the Kia Sonet. I cannot dispute your approval for this cost-effective and well-designed small car … that’s fine. My bias, the Peugeot 2008 1,2 (of which my recently acquired Allure version should suffice), is based on the sheer enjoyment and proof of specificat­ion that assures me this car was fairly chosen as SA Car of the Year 2021. CAR’S May 2021 issue pitched the 2008 alongside three similarly specced cars, with the Peugeot coming out in front in that competitio­n. I suspect that its 96 kw, 230 N.m engine and excellent transmissi­on played no small part in that.

While you have motivated the Sonet as the highest points scorer in this worthy Top 12 category, I would suggest that current Peugeot offerings should be assessed more closely.

My 2008 Allure is an absolute pleasure to drive and own, and performs impeccably. Whether it stands next to a Sonet, a Seltos, or even a Corolla Cross, it will hold its own. In simple terms, I venture it is worthy of closer considerat­ion in the marketplac­e.

Maybe it really earned the winner’s spot in the 2021 Car of the Year.


Via email

[Hi Clive. You have a real gem on your hands. CAR highly rates the Peugeot and it deservedly won the group test you mentioned in our May 2021 issue. The problem here is that although it’s a more refined and substantia­l offering, the 2008 was part of a vast group for Top 12. This meant it lost out purely in terms of price. However, when it comes down to spending a bit more cash, there’s no denying it is a very strong offering. Please turn to page 62 to see how the Peugeot 208 fares against its closest rivals – editor.]

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