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The sun shone brighter on the day the rst-generation Toyota 86 was revealed. As an attainable 2+2 rearwheel-drive sportscar, it soon became a success. Appealing to regular drivers and enthusiast­s – including track-day goers, modi ers and hillclimbe­rs alike – the 86 offered an engaging and usable platform at a reasonable price. Thankfully, the new model featured in this issue, the rebranded GR86, is following the same recipe while addressing some of its previous shortcomin­gs, thanks to a new engine of larger displaceme­nt and, importantl­y, more torque. At the same time, Toyota has unleashed a car we thought we’d never see again, a Supra with a six-speed manual transmissi­on, codenamed A91-MT. This model and the GR86 are the types of vehicles we nd exciting in the current automotive environmen­t and soon hope to experience on some of our favourite roads.

On the following pages, we drive a diverse range of new metal. Locally, Volkswagen’s Taigo has launched as a new contender in the growing compact-crossover segment. Slotting in between the T-cross and T-roc, it’s a stylish niche offering and should appeal to those looking to stand out. Mahindra has taken a bold step and unveiled its allnew ladder-frame SUV, the Scorpio-n. A vehicle that demonstrat­es a new direction for the brand, it was made available for a brief stint along with the new XUV700. The highly anticipate­d Jeep Gladiator bakkie has landed, too, a welcome addition for serious adventure enthusiast­s. We also get behind the wheel of the new Volkswagen Caddy. As earlier fans of this MPV, it’s now based on the MQB platform and features modern tech and a fresh design.

UK contributo­r Mark Smyth reports back after visiting Spain to experience Mclaren’s Artura on road and track. The hybridised supercar uses a smaller V6 engine, replacing the V8 from its predecesso­r, while not compromisi­ng on performanc­e. This trend of downsizing is analysed in-depth on page 88. If you have a speci c topic you’d like our technical adviser to cover or have any related questions, feel free to email us. Enjoy the issue.

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