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Sports: bringing people together


Barry plays touch rugby on Mondays, goes to a “cross-fit type” gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plays tennis on Wednesdays and plays golf on some weekends. He also plays cricket four or five times a year and ran the Comrades and Two Oceans Marathon last year.

“I am very active and interested in and exposed to a lot of sports,” he says. “If you went into my Twitter profile, you’ll quickly see that I follow a lot of sports journalist­s and that sport is a passion of mine.”

If he was ever to consider an industry change and a move away from IT, he indicates that he may be interested in exploring opportunit­ies in the sport and wellness industry. Dimension Data, however, does have a rich heritage and associatio­n with sport.

“Because of our history and love of sport, we’re now developing various technology solutions to enhance the viewing experience, exposure and enjoyment across various sporting codes and events, most notably the Tour De France cycling race.”

He says that he believes that sport is one of two things that breaks down barriers between people (the other is music). “Irrespecti­ve of nationalit­y, gender, age, background or colour, when building relationsh­ips with clients, colleagues and suppliers, I believe a love and appreciati­on of sport brings people closer together.”

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