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LEO 23/ 07–22/ 08

Your love needs are in flux. If your cur­rent flame isn’t blaz­ing any more, it might be time to move on. With the Sun in your sign un­til the 21st, the wind is at your back: tap into that en­ergy to find the next per­son or idea to light your fire.


So much good stuff awaits. The New Moon on the 11th will whisk away re­la­tion­ship is­sues (at work and at home). A lucky break in Novem­ber is fol­lowed by a sexy ro­mance in Fe­bru­ary. In May, take a chance on a new op­por­tu­nity at work – it’s too good to miss!

VIRGO 23/ 08–22/ 09

Wait it out, babe: your pa­tience will pay off at month’s end. While you hold tight for Mer­cury to come out of ret­ro­grade on the 18th and for the Sun to slide into your sign on the 21st, use your in­tu­ition to reap­praise your re­la­tion­ships. Trust your gut and go for what you want.


He’s ob­sess­ing lately. Get him out of his head and into the you-zone with fresh air and fun.

PISCES 19/ 02– 20/ 03

Use the be­gin­ning of the month to tick o¤ your to­dos and get to the gym on the reg. When Mars goes ret­ro­grade around the 12th, a night with old friends will set o¤ a so­cial swirl. But mark the 26th as Sun­day fun­day be­cause the Full Moon in your sign will make it mem­o­rable – and mag­i­cal.


He’s go­ing to want non­stop hang time by month’s end. Get ready!

LIBRA 23/ 09–22/ 10

Your Cin­derella mo­ment is here – mi­nus the cur­few. When your ruler Venus, the planet of love, moves into your sign on the 6th, ev­ery­one will want to get lit with you (exes too!). Lis­ten to your­self when it comes to big de­ci­sions rather than polling the crowd. Take time to get your health on track around the 26th.


He won’t lose any steam this month, so get on board the boo party bus.

ARIES 21/ 03–20/ 04

Some­times, you have to pause for re­pairs. While your ruler, de­ter­mined Mars, is ret­ro­grade, put in time with your pit crew (aka your squad). Once Mer­cury goes di­rect on the 18th and Mars on the 27th, the stars put you on the fast track for suc­cess.


When Mr Mixed Sig­nals makes it clear he wants ro­mance, things get se­ri­ously hot – but you need to Ÿig­ure out whether it’s a for­ever thing.

SCORPIO 23/ 10– 21/ 11

Cur­rent po­si­tion: woman on top. We’re talk­ing about your job, obvs, be­cause this month may be ma­jor. With Mars in ret­ro­grade un­til the 27th, stay fo­cused and fol­low your in­stincts – but stay open to in­spi­ra­tion from those around you. Team birds get the gold worms this month, so lis­ten to your Ÿlock.


He’s tense from long work­days – noth­ing a lit­tle rub­down can’t Ÿix.

TAURUS 21/ 04– 21/ 05

You’re a peo­ple mag­net this month. Show your work peeps love – they need some of your mojo. If you’re trav­el­ling when the Sun moves into Virgo on the 21st, you’ll come across an invit­ing lo­cal (boy) won­der you’ll need to in­ves­ti­gate. Set up a dreamy date with your new mate for the 25th.


He’s dark ’n’ stormy – but a ro­man­tic ad­ven­ture be­fore Septem­ber will bring good vibes.

SAGITTARIUS 22/ 11– 21/ 12

Ready, set, jet: it’s time to see the world IRL. The New Moon so­lar eclipse on the 11th may kick off an epic trip (or per­ma­nent move). When the Sun shifts into Virgo on the 21st, resume adult­ing. Your post-ad­ven­ture per­spec­tive will shed new light on how to turn your dreams into re­al­ity.


He’s pre­pared to put big plans in mo­tion, so don’t sign on un­less you’re all in.

GEMINI 22/ 05–20/ 06

Your win­ter has been a warmer. Next up: road trip! Just be pre­pared for bumps on the way with your ruler Mer­cury in ret­ro­grade till the 18th. Get your­self home be­fore the Full Moon on the 26th, when a huge ca­reer op­por­tu­nity may arise. Don’t over­think it – seize that mo­ment.


Be­ing busy is typ­i­cal for him – but he’s also a lit­tle testy this month. Steer clear if things don’t go his way.

CAPRICORN 22/ 12– 19/ 01

Blast that Drake playlist – it’s time to un­pack your emo­tions so you can re­solve what’s been bring­ing you down. Mars moves into your sign in a rare ret­ro­grade on the 12th, which is your chance to right on­go­ing is­sues. By the 25th, you’ll feel like a new woman. Later, bag­gage – and hey, awe­some new stuff!


Give him space to blow off steam, so when you re­unite, it’s just L-O-V-E.

CANCER 21/ 06–22/ 07

Your prag­ma­tism and free spirit are play­ing tug-ofwar. A stay­ca­tion is your ticket to Zen right now. But with as­sertive Mars ret­ro­grade in your re­la­tion­ship zone be­tween the 12th and the 27th, an in­ter­ested ex will war­rant a tough de­ci­sion. If you move on, don’t de­spair – a stud will ap­pear on the 25th.


A lit­tle ther­a­pys­lash-bonding sesh will do you both so right.

AQUARIUS 20/ 01– 18/ 02

Brace for a life 180. Lin­ger­ing drama will erupt in time for you to ditch all that’s toxic be­fore the 15th. If you’re sin­gle, ex­pect a meet-cute around the New Moon so­lar eclipse on the 11th. At month’s end, you’ll have an aha mo­ment – but you’ll see more beneŸits from your epiphany if you keep it quiet.


Make your ex­pec­ta­tions crys­tal-clear. He needs to hear how you re­ally feel RN.

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