Sex Q&A

Choose-your-own-(naughty!)-an­swers edi­tion.

Cosmopolitan (South Africa) - - GET INTO IT - BY JULIE VADNAL

How can my part­ner and I make kiss­ing feel ex­cit­ing again?

1 Have a ‘sex day’, when all that’s on the menu is lots of nu­dity and kisses all over each other’s bodies. ‘ There’s this idea that if some­thing is planned, it can’t feel spon­ta­neous – and that’s not true,’ says clin­i­cal sex­ol­o­gist Dawn Michael.

2 Next time your SO is mak­ing cof­fee in the morn­ing, hug them from be­hind un­ex­pect­edly and start nib­bling on their ear be­fore turn­ing their face to­wards yours.

3 Take a de­tour to a se­cluded spot on your drive home. Run the tip of your tongue in a cir­cle around their lips be­fore press­ing it into their mouth.

The dude I just started see­ing says he wants to fin­ish on my face. How do I re­spond?

1 He prob­a­bly got the idea from watch­ing porn, says Michael. Bring him back to re­al­ity by ask­ing, ‘Why do you think I would want to do that?’

2 Say, ‘If there ever comes a point when I’m in­ter­ested in that, I’ll let you know. Un­til then, let’s try this.’ Then steer him in a di­rec­tion that you’re more com­fort­able with.

3 Shut him down with a joke, such as, ‘I’d pre­fer a more skin­friendly fa­cial at a sa­lon, thanks.’ (For real, though: his se­men can sting if it gets in your eyes.)

What’s a fresh fore­play move I can try on my guy while we’re on hol­i­day?

1 Take his hand at din­ner and put it un­der your skirt, then whis­per in his ear all the bad,

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