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LIBRA 23/ 09–22/ 10

Even so­cial Li­bras need time alone, so make like a tur­tle chilling in your shell. With Venus in your sign un­til the 9th, your suit­ors will be even more in­trigued. When the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, you should be ready to en­joy a sexy sur­prise on the 24th. LIBRA GUY All he wants is to be home, snug­gling with you. Have fun and plan some naughty in­door ac­tiv­i­ties.

SCORPIO 23/ 10– 21/ 11

With sul­try Venus mov­ing into your sign on the 9th, you have tons of ad­mir­ers. Stay open to differ­ent types and you may meet some­one around the 12th. You’ll have a re­newed courage of your con­vic­tions when your ruler, Pluto, goes di­rect on the 30th. SCORPIO GUY Ugh, can’t he go out alone one night? Why is he so into you? #Loved

SAGITTARIUS 22/ 11– 21/ 12

The New Moon in your zone of fame and suc­cess on the 9th will open many doors at work. Wait to break out the bub­bly till you so­lid­ify the deal, and when the Sun moves into so­cia­ble Libra on the 22nd, rally your tribe for fun times. SAGITTARIUS GUY Cue GF-ofthe-year con­fetti: he’s cel­e­brat­ing work wins, but all he wants is you by his side and bask­ing in the glory.

CAPRICORN 22/ 12– 19/ 01

There’s noth­ing a Cap girl loves more than be­ing busy, and this month is your jam. When ac­tive Mars ex­its your sign on the 10th, things may slow down, but once the Sun moves into your zone of suc­cess on the 22nd, it’s back to boss mode. If you make a leap around the 24th, let long-term goals guide you. CAPRICORN GUY Whisk away your workaholic for a mid-month get­away.

AQUARIUS 20/ 01– 18/ 02

Got shades? You’re set­ting up a se­ri­ously bright fu­ture. Save big de­ci­sions for when Mars moves into your sign on the 10th. Un­til then, be all in at work. Go wheels-up for a trip around the time of the Full Moon on the 24th – some­where on Earth, of course – but be ready for an oth­er­worldly ad­ven­ture. AQUARIUS GUY He’s broody again. Peace out, and see if he fol­lows.

PISCES 19/ 02– 20/ 03

If your life were a Net­flix queue, it’d be noth­ing but ro­mance. Chat up some­one dreamy near the 9th’s New Moon – un­less your win­ter love is still a flame. When the Sun and com­mu­nica­tive Mer­cury unite on the 20th, be open about how you feel. If this re­la­tion­ship is worth it, you’ll know by the 24th. PISCES GUY Hello, lover! Boy is

so ro­man­tic – give him some cud­dles to show you dig it.

ARIES 21/ 03–20/ 04

This month is full of dis­trac­tions. First is a project that de­mands team­work. Things chill when Mars moves out of your zone of suc­cess on the 10th, giv­ing you time to fo­cus on ro­mance – which is per­fect, be­cause the 24th’s Full Moon will be swoon-cen­tral for you. ARIES GUY Let him be hella dis­tracted at the be­gin­ning of the month. By the end, he will be hella ro­man­tic.

TAURUS 21/ 04– 21/ 05

Get psyched, girl­friend: you’re about to ind in­spo every­where. Af­ter Venus, the planet of love, moves into your zone of re­la­tion­ships on the 9th, your cre­ative streak will spark new bonds. Just don’t for­get to give your­self some TLC too. TAURUS GUY He’s full of pas­sion right now and burst­ing with ideas … for how to curl your toes and loat your boat all night long.

GEMINI 22/ 05–20/ 06

This is the month for you to nest and cosy it up. If all that time at home makes you want to move, go for it – this is the mo­ment. When ac­tive Mars slides into your in­ter­na­tional travel zone on the 10th, you’ll press re­set with a big trip, fol­lowed by a fun ling af­ter the Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd. GEMINI GUY Mr Softie needs space, but he’ll warm up to an epic es­cape.

CANCER 21/ 06–22/ 07

Your plate is full. Don’t stress, though: any spills will be easy to clean up af­ter the New Moon in Virgo on the 9th. En­joy your thriv­ing so­cial life at month’s start be­cause a ma­jor ca­reer mile­stone near the Full Moon on the 24th has reper­cus­sions for the fu­ture. Pay at­ten­tion! CANCER GUY His so­cial cal­en­dar is over­loaded. If rolling with it is fun, great. If not, say bye.

LEO 23/ 07–22/ 08

Ev­ery­thing is in­ally com­ing to fruition. Just pause on any big moves till af­ter the New Moon in Virgo on the 9th. Mixing busi­ness with plea­sure will pay o – but watch your inances, es­pe­cially since you’re due for an end-of-month es­cape. LEO GUY He is ap­proach­ing a big in­ish line but could use a hand (or two) from you to get there.

VIRGO GAL Evan Rachel Wood 07¤09 VIRGO GUY Ar­mie Ham­mer 28¤08 While he’s on cloud nine, spread the love to­gether by seek­ing out the fun in your hood.

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