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You’ll never have to ask ‘Is this nor­mal?’ again!


Pim­ple-like growths on nip­ples are hair-fol­li­cle in­fec­tions, not acne, says der­ma­tol­o­gist Joshua Ze­ich­ner. Use a cleanser with ben­zoyl per­ox­ide to kill lurk­ing bac­te­ria.

Ex­tra Nips

Up to one per­cent of peo­ple have a third teat (or more: Harry Styles has two spares), which of­ten looks like a mole. Th­ese su­per­nu­mer­ary points are formed in the womb and are mostly NBD.


It’s nor­mal if you’re preg­nant, says gy­nae Re­becca Bright­man. But an out-of-nowhere leak could sig­nal a be­nign growth or, in rare cases, can­cer – so ask your doc­tor to take a look.


Lit­tle raised glands on your nips and are­o­lae se­crete mois­ture that can pro­tect you from dry win­ter weather, cha ing while ex­er­cis­ing, and a suck­ling baby, says Dweck.


‘Hair-eo­lae’ are typ­i­cally okay. Just keep an eye on tex­ture, says gy­nae An­drea Chisholm. ‘Coarse strands may sig­nal a hor­monal dis­or­der such as poly­cys­tic ovary syn­drome.’

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