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LI­BRA 23/09–22/10

With the Sun in your sign un­til the 23rd, and goalo­ri­ented Mars in your love and fun zone all month, you’re ra­di­at­ing pos­i­tive en­ergy. But don’t let all that happy lead you on a shop­ping spree. Spend care­fully af­ter the 5th, when Venus goes ret­ro­grade.

SCOR­PIO 23/10–21/11

You’re about to come to a ma­jor ro­man­tic turn­ing point. Venus goes ret­ro­grade on the 5th, giv­ing you the power to ƒin­ally deal with that i„y re­la­tion­ship. Then your newlove switch ƒlips on af­ter the Sun moves into your sign on the 23rd. Some­one from your past may show up to daz­zle you on the 26th. SCOR­PIO GUY

He’s been think­ing about you and is anx­ious to start DTR-ing.

SAGIT­TAR­IUS 22/11–21/12

Tie up loose ends and phone a friend for help on how to take care of busi­ness, then go be so­cial and en­joy – but stay chill on the 8th dur­ing the New Moon. Pre­pare for some sur­pris­ing work news on the 31st. It may not be what you ex­pect, but that doesn’t mean it won’t lead to good things. SAGIT­TAR­IUS

GUY Your boy is so ac­cept­ing, he might fall prey to a scam. Keep an eye out.

CAPRI­CORN 22/12–19/01

The Sun is in your zone of suc­cess and will square up against Pluto on the 11th – mean­ing it’s time to start some­thing. This could mean a new project, or even a ca­reer change. Don’t stress: there will be good times to go with the long work­days when the Full Moon on the 24th falls into your house of love and fun. CAPRI­CORN GUY

He is stuck in the mud at work – but will be stuck on you soon!

AQUAR­IUS 20/01–18/02

A dreamy trip may set you on a new path near the 10th, when Venus en­gages bold Mars in your sign. Once the Sun moves into your ca­reer zone on the 23rd, you’ll shine even brighter at your 9-to-5. And if you keep an eye on bal­ance, you’ll be in the per­fect po­si­tion for a huge break on the 31st. AQUAR­IUS GUY

Home­boy’s on ƒire right now. Be proud, as long as you’re not get­ting burned.

PISCES 19/02–20/03

Let your mind wan­der and keep your heart open. Venus is in ret­ro­grade for you, which may help you see things in a di„er­ent light. The New Moon on the 8th is your chance to clear up any drama from the past play­ing on re­peat. Then you’ll be able to make the most of the op­por­tu­ni­ties com­ing your way. PISCES GUY

He’s sour now, but a lovely es­cape will leave him smit­ten.

ARIES 21/03–20/04

Got love on the brain? Blame it on the plan­ets stacked up in your zone of re­la­tion­ships – and don’t be sur­prised if your #Cou­pleGoals change af­ter the 5th, when Venus goes ret­ro­grade. By the 11th, you’ll ƒind ca­reer clar­ity. Be cau­tious about ƒinances at month’s end.

ARIES GUY Emo? Not so much. But he’ll show he cares in the ways that mat­ter – if you pay at­ten­tion.

TAU­RUS 21/04–21/05

Your ruler, mag­netic Venus, goes ret­ro­grade on the 5th in your zone of re­la­tion­ships. A sure-ƒire ƒling may ƒiz­zle, but some­thing else (from your past, per­haps?) could spark up. Ex­pect ƒire­works around the Full Moon on the 24th, and some­thing sur­pris­ing around the 31st. TAU­RUS GUY

En­joy some best boyfriend be­hav­iour from bae this month.

GEM­INI 22/05–20/06

You may have some job stress, but the New Moon in ƒlirty Li­bra on the 8th could bring a swoon­wor­thy stud your way – or give you the chutz­pah you need to charge up a moun­tain you’ve been want­ing to climb. Go with your gut when Venus op­poses Uranus in your zone of in­tu­ition on the 31st. GEM­INI GUY

A nice bal­ance of QT with you and alone time will do him won­ders.

CAN­CER 21/06–22/07

Be in your feel­ings right now, but take a breath be­fore act­ing on them in a se­ri­ous way. The Sun squares o„ against Pluto on the 11th, which could make you want to shift gears at home or at work. Get through that, then sit back and en­joy the love on the 26th, when the Sun gets cosy with ro­mance planet Venus. CAN­CER GUY

A lit­tle pet­ting and pam­per­ing from you is what he’s crav­ing.

LEO 23/07–22/08

Your hus­tle is ƒin­ally hit­ting gold. You’re mul­ti­task­ing and work­ing like a de­mon, but the re­wards for all that e„ort are com­ing. Stay calm if things get tense at home when the Sun moves into your fam­ily zone on the 23rd. Big work news hits near the 31st. LEO GUY

All his time and en­ergy is oc­cu­pied, but not for long. Do you for now – he’ll be back ASAP.

VIRGO 23/08–22/09

Af­ter the New Moon goes into your zone of money on the 8th, work will be cen­tre stage. Mid­month mishaps may slow your roll – but keep danc­ing. A hol­i­day will help you hit the high notes when the Sun makes a move on the 23rd. Be ready to im­pro­vise along the way and you’ll be singing a happy tune. VIRGO GUY

Oh, girl, the sur­prise he’s got in store for you is good.

R999, AMER­I­CAN SWISS BORN IN OC­TO­BER? The iri­des­cent opal is your birth­stone. It’s known for bring­ing conƒidence, and sym­bol­ises faith­ful­ness. LI­BRA GUY Zac Efron 18¤10Your main squeeze isn’t sure where he stands, so shed light on all your feels for him. LI­BRA GALHalsey 29¤09

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