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I looked ev­ery­where I could think of but couldn’t find it. After two days, I spot­ted it – my cat had eaten it, and it was dan­gling from his butt. And yes, I did have to pull it out.’

˜AR­I­ANA, 19

‘I was in a lec­ture, wear­ing a white dress, and my pe­riod came early.

I asked my friend if she had a tam­pon, and she didn’t. So a girl 10 rows over had to pass one down – and yes, guys were in on it too. My friend gave me her jacket to tie around my waist. I got up, waved my tam­pon in the air, and said, “I have to take care of some busi­ness.” Ev­ery­one laughed. I ”ig­ured I’d make a joke in­stead of feel­ing em­bar­rassed.’ -MORGANLYN, 21

‘I was out with my boyfriend and par­ents.

My mom and I hap­pened to be wear­ing sim­i­lar out”its – and we are the same height and have the same hair colour and length. My BF walked away to get a drink and when he came back, he put his hand around what he thought was my waist and cupped “my” butt. He freaked out and couldn’t look at my mom for ages.’ ˜LAU­REN, 28

‘I was train­ing at the gym when I saw my crush. I was try­ing to im­press him by ad­ding more weight

– why I thought this would work, I don’t know. I was us­ing equip­ment and as I brought the bar past my shoul­ders, I hit my nose so hard, it started gush­ing blood. I tried play­ing it cool, but that’s diœicult with a bloody nose. I at­tempted to stop it, but it kept bleed­ing for the rest of the class. Safe to say, my crush was dis­gusted.’ ˜GINA, 26

‘A guy asked for my num­ber.

He seemed nice, so I gave it to him. Later, my boyfriend texted me a video show­ing the en­tire ex­change. The dude was a YouTu­ber and he was ”ilm­ing a seg­ment. It had 200 000 views and caused a huge ”ight be­tween my BF and me!’ -MAG­GIE, 20

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