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2019 is your golden year! You’re em­bark­ing on a jour­ney that will el­e­vate you to badass-babe sta­tus. With your plan­e­tary ruler, Jupiter, align­ing with your Sun, you’re able to ex­pand your heart and mind –which is what you live for, Sag! The only down­side is you may overindulge in ™ine wines, fancy sweets and over­spend­ing – be sure to burn oš some of those ex­tra kilo­joules at the gym and stay on bud­get. With Saturn and Pluto hit­ting the ™inan­cial sec­tor of your chart, you may need to bring in a ™inan­cial ad­vi­sor to help you make wise in­vest­ments. Hedg­ing your bets and di­ver­si­fy­ing your as­sets will keep you on track and add more bang to your bank ac­count by midyear. With your ™inances in or­der, you can aim your ar­row at the heart of an­other. Your ™ling may evolve into a steady ro­mance, ™illed with in­tel­lec­tual con­ver­sa­tions, philo­soph­i­cal de­bates, travel and lots of hot sex­ting. Later in the year, the spring breezes will whis­per soft lul­la­bies of love in your ear, which will warm your heart, lead­ing to a se­ri­ous com­mit­ment with your beau. While you may be known for en­joy­ing your free­dom, you’ll scurry down the path of love with your soul mate, who is just as fun-lov­ing and ad­ven­tur­ous as you are. ■

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