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Cambridge woman accused of plotting to kill best friend


A CAMBRIDGE location woman fears for her safety after a community meeting was called to discuss whether or not she should be kicked out of the area.

The woman has been accused by community members of allegedly hiring hit men to kill her former best friend.

Owing to the sensitive nature of the claims, the identities of the woman and her alleged victim are being withheld.

On Sunday, the community met to discuss the alleged hit and the possibilit­y of expelling the 50-yearold woman from the area.

No decision was taken, and another meeting has been planned for later this week. The alleged perpetrato­r claims she had been warned by police to stay away from the meetings.

Provincial police spokeswoma­n Lieutenant-colonel Sibongile Soci said investigat­ions into the allegation­s of a planned hit was being handled by the East London Hawks.

Meanwhile at the meeting on Sunday, residents were given details of the alleged woman to have her friend killed.

She had allegedly hired three men from Duncan Village and offered to pay them R10 000 for the job. However, one of the hired killers allegedly told the victim of the plot and instead planned a trap for the woman.

While the woman admits being at the scene where the men claim the hit was to take place, she denied it was to kill her former best friend.

Asked why she had met the men, the woman said it did not matter.

At the meeting, details were shared of how the woman had allegedly instructed that her former best friend be drugged and then killed.

The hit was allegedly planned to take place at Marina Glen on May 2.

Duncan Village police were reportedly contacted and briefed about the plot and were on standby.

Soci yesterday said she was still waiting for additional informatio­n from the Hawks regarding the matter.

At the community meeting residents plot by the former best were told the would-be victim was taken to a forest near Amalinda at 1am where the woman allegedly showed up with a down payment for the hired hitmen.

The would-be victim alleges the woman was arrested that night by police who were monitoring the situation but she was later released.

Responding to the allegation­s yesterday, the woman said: “Yes, I was at the scene but police did not find anything. I voluntaril­y took my clothes off, including my underwear, for them to search me but they could not find the money.

“That woman [former best friend] is lying. I don’t want to kill her. Police said I must not engage the community as they would deal with the case their own way.”

Chairwoman of the local executive committee in the area, Nombi Thema, said the community would in the next few days decide whether or not the woman should go.

“She was invited to the meeting but she did not attend, we wanted to hear her side of the story but she refused,” Thema said. — zwangam@dispatch.co.za

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