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Desperate dogfight for Knuckles


A US man who recently broke up with his girlfriend is so desperate to get his dog back he’s gone online to ask for $20 000 (about R160 000) to pay legal fees on top of the $30 000 (R245 000) he’s already blown.

“Knuckles was kidnapped by my exgirlfrie­nd and the legal fees to retrieve him are going to bankrupt me,” New Yorker Craig Dershowitz says on the crowd-funding site indiegogo.com

Dershowitz accuses his former companion of absconding to California with a dog he loves so much he considers it a “son”.

He says he’s already spent $30 000, but because his ex “is filing frivolous motion after frivolous motion,” he’s no closer to getting custody.

To attract donors on the site, he offers rewards ranging from a “virtual smooch” for those giving $10, to free entry at a nightclub where he is a doorman for those paying $100, and a graffiti mural for those ready to give $10 000.

The fund raising drive has a month to go. In the last seven days, he’s raised $881. — SAPA-AFP

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