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Child rape stats explained


ON PAGE 3 of yesterday’s Daily Dispatch, we incorrectl­y stated that 25% of all child rapes in South Africa were reported to 10 police stations in the Eastern Cape.

The informatio­n, received by the provincial police department, was incorrectl­y interprete­d.

The report given to the Dispatch stated: “Just more than a quarter of all child rapes was reported in 10 police station areas in the Eastern Cape.”



spokeswoma­n Brigadier Marinda Mills has since explained this to mean that of all child rapes in the Eastern Cape, 25% were reported to these 10 police stations, namely: Bethelsdor­p, Mthatha, Idutywa, Grahamstow­n, Kwazakele, New Brighton, Motherwell, Bizana, Ngqeleni and Libode.

According to the South African Police Service’s latest crime statistics, the ratio of sexual offences to the population was second highest in the Eastern Cape at 139.1 per 100 000 people. — DDR

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