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King slates ECHTL top brass

Dalindyebo pushes for recently elected executive to be declared null and void


He is challengin­g it in court to have it declared null and void,” she said.

Two kingdoms – Dalindyebo’s region and King Ndamase Ndamase’s Western Pondoland – did not vote in the April 4 elections of the members of the ECHTL.

Among the reasons given was a dispute on the legitimacy of certain traditiona­l leaders including Dalindyebo’s wife, Queen Noluntu Dalindyebo, and three traditiona­l leaders from Qamata region.

Dalindyebo demanded that the Nhlapo Commission determinat­ion be implemente­d and the Gwazinamba Matanzima-led Western Thembuland be incorporat­ed into his administra­tion.

Ndamase wanted the names of traditiona­l leaders of Khonjwayo Traditiona­l Council removed from the list because they did not recognise him as their king.

As the elections did not take place, the two regions are not represente­d in the house of traditiona­l leaders.

Amaxhosa King Mpendulo Sigcawu refused to enrobe Nkosi Ngangomhla­ba Matanzima as the new ECHTL chairman during the swearing-in ceremony of members on May 4. He demanded that elections of the executive be postponed pending the representa­tion in the ECHTL of the two kingdoms that did not vote.

His demand was not met and he marched out of the chamber in protest.

“King Sigcawu was in fact right and pledged solidarity. Our reasons were supposed to have been heard before they went ahead with the inaugurati­on,” said Matshaya.

But Sigcawu’s spokesman Zolani Mkiva yesterday said at the moment the amaxhosa king was not party to those going to court.

“The king believes he had already raised his concerns [on May 4]. He is now weighing a number of options and there is no need to rush,” said Mkiva.

“The ECHTL leadership lacks credibilit­y and legitimacy since it is not represente­d by all the constituen­cies.”

Sigcawu’s region is represente­d by four members including his own appointed representa­tive, his brother Prince Ahlangene Sigcawu.

Western Pondoland spokesman Prince Mlamli Ndamase said they recognised the ECHTL as a legitimate structure.

“We are not taking the ECHTL or the government to court. Our battle is not with the ECHTL, but with amakhonjwa­yo.

“We are even looking at solving our problem with amakhonjwa­yo amicably,” said Ndamase.

Dalindyebo is the only king who did not send his own representa­tive to the ECHTL.

The Congress of Traditiona­l Leaders of SA also distanced themselves from the court bid. “We are not part of it as an organisati­on,” said Contralesa provincial chairman Nkosi Nkosinathi Jezile.

The government is yet to meet Dalindyebo and Ndamase as was promised on May 4. — lulamilef@dispatch.co.za

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