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Haka jeering disappoint­ing


I WAS deeply disappoint­ed by the behaviour of some of my fellow South Africans at the recent rugby internatio­nal in Durban. While the New Zealand All Blacks were performing their world famous Haka they were loudly jeered and taunted by some members of the crowd. A poor response indeed.

The Haka is part of New Zealand culture. The spectators in other countries treat the Haka with respect. Once in the UK when the Haka was not performed the press criticised the All Blacks for disappoint­ing the spectators.

Apart from failing to accord respect for somebody else’s culture, why mock the All Blacks when they deserve respect as sportsmen?

Since the 2011 Rugby Union World Cup, out of 69 internatio­nals, they have only suffered three defeats – to England in 2012, South Africa in 2014 and Australia in 2015. During that period they drew twice with Australia, in 2012, and again in 2014. Otherwise it was victory all the way. By comparison South Africa has suffered defeat five times in five short months.

Even the records of illustriou­s soccer teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool fade in comparison with New Zealand’s All Blacks. — Avid sports fan, Buffalo Flats

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