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Repaying varsity debt hurts


IT IS well-known that most universiti­es withhold certificat­es and academic transcript­s belonging to graduates with outstandin­g fees. This is a brutal policy that will permanentl­y impoverish graduates by barring them from finding work.

The same universiti­es continue to chase the unemployed graduates with debt collectors. I do not understand how universiti­es expect to benefit because clearly both parties gain nothing.

I feel the pain because I am suffering at home, both my Honours and BCom degree withheld for three to four years, even though I have fully paid for my undergradu­ate course under difficult circumstan­ces.

One tries by all means to negotiate a practical solution with universiti­es, but they tell you there is nothing they can do. You write to the Department of Higher Education and Training, they mock you.

University qualificat­ions provide graduates with a better chance of finding jobs yet they have to search for matric jobs hoping that someday they will earn enough to settle university debts which continue to accumulate interest. It is a permanent struggle.

The question of whether education is about developmen­t or profit will continue to haunt the country. — Siyanda, Southernwo­od

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