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Sports facilities shocking


I WOULD like to express my shock at the state of sports facilities in townships such as Mdantsane and Zwelitsha. Dimbaza and Ginsberg are not worth mentioning. Theirs is a sorry state of affairs. The PSL is correct in red-carding Sisa Dukashe as a venue for hosting a profession­al tournament like the Diski Challenge. In my book, the security and health situation of that stadium is so dire that one needs to put up a huge board outside exclaiming, “You enter Sisa Dukashe at your own risk”.

BCM Mayor Xola Pakati and his councillor­s have a lot to answer for on what are they doing with ratepayers’ money if an iconic site like Sisa Dukashe is neglected. It is as if BCM is run by people without a conscience.

The Mdantsane Indoor Sports Centre must be closed with immediate effect. That thing is a health hazard. In Zwelitsha, the tennis court looks like a gorilla encampment in a DRC rainforest. — Vincent Mfundisi, Zwelitsha

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